Experienced Boxing & MMA promotional consulting

We specialize in promoting Boxing and MMA events.

We can assist you with everything from local promotions, obtaining sponsors, ring girls, cage rentals, marketing, printing, matchmaking, Pay Per View broadcasting, concessions and everything else.

We have experience in local and national events.

We can assist your event with becoming a huge success, and a push toward notoriety.

Together, as a team, let’s promote tomorrow’s champions, with an experienced promotional service in Showdown LLC leading the way.

Services We Offer

Obtaining Sponsors
We have an enormous amount of experience in obtaining sponsors on both a local and national level.
Venue Selection
As the saying goes – location is key. This goes for your event too. We have vast knowledge of venues large and small that can make for a great setting for your next event.
Pay Per View Broadcasting
Looking to take your event to the next level and air it on Pay Per View? We have experience in all aspects of broadcasting events on PPV.
Cage/Ring Rentals
Need to find a cage or boxing ring but don’t know where to find the most affordable ones. We can help you with that.
Ring Girls
We know it can be time consuming to find experienced ring girls. Save some time with us.
Don’t forget about this ever important revenue stream. However, you must know the do’s and don’ts or you can get into some trouble.
If you want repeat customers, you must provide exciting entertainment. Our match makers are very knowledgeable about the local and national scene.
We have a huge pool of resources to assist you in every way. From graphic artists, printing contacts and local media outlets, we can help make your event known.

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